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Because of arranged marriages, your assumption that the towns are near each other may not be correct.

His town is Sluck/Slutsk
His NY arrival, as Aisik HELFMAN,  was aboard the Vaderland, March 7, 1904, age 22, married, from Sluck. He traveled alone.  (
Her town much harder to determine.  Also her ship not as easy to find.  The town might be clearer there.  Do you have a census record with her year of immigration?
One other thing to consider-  He gave the information on the form, which may have been written by another person as he dictated the answers. 

David Rosen
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On 9/26/2020 4:17 PM, Vivs wrote:

As an attempt to trace this family back into the old country, one step is figuring out which towns these are (The birth locations of the husband and wife)  Presumably they'd be near to one another as their first child was born in Poland.


Vivs Laliberte
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