Re: Help with translation of birth record #translation


I am trying to decipher this birth record that appears in my computer with low 
The titles above the columns are in German and Polish, indicating that the document is from Galicia.
Most of the document is filled in German, with Hebrew signatures and a later in Polish. addition 

Date of the birth July 7 1890 in Batiaticze (Galicia  today Ukraine ) 
Birth declaration Idem
Name of the child Golde Pesie
Sex of the child female 
Type of birth: out of wedlock
Father Markus Wilder, bachelor xxx in Batiaticze 
Mother Beile Altir unmarried xxx in Batiaticze 
Name of her parents Joseph and Ester Laje Altir xx in Krystynopol (also Galicia  today Ukraine  ) 
Witness xxmarkus Pfenig. Signs in Hebrew Mordekhay Pfenig
Another name appears here and I could not understand as what function Michael Hellman

I am not sure of the rest. The later addition is dated 17/5/1922. It may referenced a later wedding of the parents and legitimation of the birth. There is a date in 1915 and 20/4/1919.

Sorry that I couldn't help more. 

Best regards, 
Laurent Kassel 
Moreshet  Israel 

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