US Visa applications circa 1948? Do copies exist? #usa #records

A. E. Jordan

Has anyone had any success in getting a copy of a visa application for someone coming to the USA in 1948 for a visit? What information is contained and was the effort warranted to get it or did it not help?

I spotted someone arriving in 1948 in New York on a passenger list coming from Cairo, Egypt who might be the wife of  relative.  The passenger list shows a visa number.

So the first question would be did copies of the applications end up in the USA, so is there a file for me to even look for on this person?

She arrives in the spring of 1948 and I see her flying outbound in the fall so I know the time frame she was in the USA too. The passenger list tells me the name and address of her son saying that's where she is coming from and  the name and address of the person she is going to be staying with the USA. The family name is the same but it does not tell me how the person coming for the visit is related to the person she is visiting.

Second question if I go for the file what more could I hope to learn if anything?

Third if someone has recent direct experience ... what is the process and did you feel it was worth it in the end?

Thank you. Easy Fast to all who observe.

Allan Jordan

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