Re: How to find UKRAINE birth and marriage records #ukraine #russia #records

Bonnie Gould

I too am trying to research my Ukrainian family, Rabinovich or Rabinowich who originated in Ruzhyn, Ukraine.  Are there records available and any suggestions as to the best place to search? Shulim Rabinovitz, son of Yisrael, married to Matle.  Matle's name shows as Indick, but I doubt that is her original surname. All the children show Rishin, now Ruzhyn as their birthplace.

Bonnie Gould
Calabasas, Ca.
Researching: Rabinovitz(wich) from Ruzhyn,Ukraine; Peker/Pekier from Kapyl, Belarus; Perlin from Timkovichi, Belarus; Altman from Warsaw, Poland  
Siegel from Taurage, Lithuania; Heyman/Hemanow from Riga, Latvia; Justman from Warsaw, Poland; Gold/Golod from Moyzr, Belarus;

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