Goldkranc in Brzeziny #poland #records

Relly coleman

Does anyone have the records/spreadsheet for Brzeziny?
I found many GOLDKRANC relatives on JRI section: 'Brzeziny B/D/M for 1826-1833 and for 1871-1904', but it only has names and year.  I am looking for the names of parents, and any other info that can help connect these names with families.  
Many thanks,
Relly Coleman
FUDALOWICZ, Zychlin, Plotsk, Kutno
WASSERSTEIN, Mszczonów, , Kkutno, Wloclawek
GOLDKRANC, Brzeziny, Zychlin
FELD, Zakroczym, Dobrzyn nad Wisla
WARSZAWSKI, Dobrzyn nad Wisla

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