Re: Poland/Russia town help #poland


Hi to Vivs Laliberte (and everyone else who will read this).

I don't think I've seen anyone try to read the wife's birthplace -- which looks to me like "Pashika, Poland, Russia".

The JewishGen Gazetteer  -- here: -- lists rather-more-than-one place name in Eastern Europe from a phonetic search for "Pashika".

I (myself) would have guessed the most-likely candidate to be a "Pasika" (other names/spellings given are "Kishkhidveg" (from Hungarian?) and "Paseka" -- but that place (now in Ukraine) seems to be hundreds of miles (and more kilometers from Slutsk; I see listed in Belarus (Slutsk is in Belarus) 3 different "Paseka"s, 1 "Paseki", and 1 "Pasiki" [Shrug}.

I don't really know Belarus geography (and am barely better about Eastern European geography more-generally) -- but maybe someone here could figure out which near-"Pashika" would have been closes to Slutsk (or otherwise provide an opinion about where the wife's "Pashika" would have been?

Good Luck to you, Vivs Laliberte.

Ethan Kent -- in New York City.

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