Re: Struggling to find Immigration data for Rosen cousins #poland #usa #russia #canada

Barbara Zimmer

The Rosens did not enter via Canada.  They entered the US in 1905 at Philadelphia on the ship Haverford,   According to the manifest, they lived in London for three months.  None of the children were born in England.   The family was headed to L Rosen in Union Hill NJ.  Union Hill was a small town in Hudson County  which became part of Hoboken in 1925. 

They arrived 17 July 1905   after being listed (but not arriving) on two other ships in July that were also headed to Philadelphia from Liverpool.   They may not have boarded those previous ships because one of the family members was listed as having trachoma upon final arrival. 

They arrived as Chia (Ida), Jankel (Jacob), Itschok (Isidore), Chana (Anna) and Moshe (Morris/ Mark) .  All born in Russia.  

Barbara Zimmer





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