Re: Need suggestions for how to search for misspelled family names #records

Robert Hanna

Be prepared.  This can be a Herculean task.  I have gone so far as to check for just first names.  I have found the name "Karasik" spelled "Caress" and "Harasik."  I have found the name "Tillie" spelled "Fellie."  And many other variations of names.  Post the names you are looking for at the bottom of all your messages.  Someone may help you.  You have to use your imagination.  Keep searching and happy hunting.

Robert Hanna

Searching:  Chanan, Hanan, Hanna, Hanne, Heine, Hiney, Blumenblat, Karasik, Thomashow, Cohen, Rubinstein, Bunderoff, Pastilnik, Nemoyten, Diskin, and variations of all.

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