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Alexander Sharon

les evenchick <levenchick@...>

There are lots of problems with town names on JGFF - one is requested to use
current name as listed in a standard cartography publication at least this
was the practice when I signed up.

"Lots of problems"?
If you really have an issue with town names changes, you should express you grievances to the Belarus government and USA military who sponsors US BGN.

Correct (modern) town names are listed in JewishGen Gazetteer at

 Dzyarzhynsk, Koydanava, Dzerjinsk, Koydanovo, Dzerzhinsk, Kaiden, Kaydanovo populated place 53°41' N 27°08' E G Belarus 23.2 miles SW of Minsk 53°54' N 27°34' E

If you click on JewishGen icon shown on the left side on the town name you will learn that town was know last time as Koidanovo in 1932 and was renamed in Dzerzhinsk (in Russian).
It was again changed to Belarussian sounding Dzyarzhynsk, when recently all Russian sounding towns names have been "nationalized".

Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

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