Re: Records for the town of Horochov, Volynia Gubernia #poland #ukraine


Hello Igor,
Thank you for your replay.
My family lived in Horochov but I do not know since when. I know that my grandmother was born in 1912 and so does, all her siblings were born there too. I assume the parents are about 20 years old when she was born (as the custom was to marry around 18-20) which places their dob at about 1890 or so.
Her father Levy Gojer had 2 brothers that I do know of their DOB, Abraham Goyer was born on July 15, 1878, and Ichiel Goyer was born on Apr 2, 1875. I don't have any other "hard" dates that I can refer to.
For this reason I mentioned that I am looking for any records (BMD) form 1825 and on for the Goyer family. Whoever left in Horocov in 1942, were marched into a nearby forest and were murdered there, so there would not be any death records for my grandmother siblings and parents but maybe for the grandparents if they died before WWII.
Thank you for any suggestions.
Yonat Klein
Syracuse NY

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