Re: Need suggestions for how to search for misspelled family names #records

Michele Lock

For a name like 'Turoff' or 'Turovsky', I'd just do a 'Starts with Tur' search, to take care of the 'F' versus 'V' issue, and also take care of the 'sky' ending, which I have seen spelled 'ski', "zky' and 'zki'. 

For a friend of mine, I found the naturalization papers for her great grandfather Abram Rappaport of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. When I sent the image to her, she wrote back "That can't be him. We only spell our last name like 'Rapaport'. That is someone else." She didn't quite believe me when I said that spelling back then was highly variable, and that Rappaport and Rapaport are considered the same name. I don't think I really convinced her. 

Perhaps this is an issue for us 21st century individuals, because it is drilled into us by our government officials that using different spellings of one's name is tantamount to fraud. I know someone whose security clearance for a US government job was held up for nine months because her middle name was spelled differently on some documents versus others, and even worse - some of the documents were missing her middle name !!!!! And she does not have a name like Anne Smith - both her first and last names were unusual; it is not like she would be readily mixed up with someone else. And our government spent those nine months investigating this serious serious national security matter.

Michele Lock.
Alexandria, VA

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