Re: How to find UKRAINE birth and marriage records #ukraine #records #russia


Hello Alana,
there are only a handful of birth record books from that year range that survived. The following are records with name Isaac Bronstein as the father.  These might be all of the same person.  Last name Bronstein was definitely transliterated from Bronshteyn,

Last Name Father's Name/Patronymic Child's name Event Notes
Braunshteyn Itskhok Munish Sruliovich Khaya birth  
Broynshteyn Isaak Munish Izrail birth likely same child as below
Bronshteyn Isaak Srul dead at 2 months likely same child as above
Bronshteyn Isaak Yakov birth  
Bronshteyn Isaak Munish Vladimir birth  
Bronshteyn Itsko Munish n/a marriage  

Mike Vayser

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