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Ilya Zeldes

In recent years, Alex Krakovsky organized, scanned, and posted to various sites on the Internet several thousands of documents from the Ukrainian archives. Some of the documents are on the site "Jewish Shtetl", some are on the site "Wikidzherela", over two thousand files are on the TKF site, almost daily Alex posts links to newly scanned files on the Facebook page "Jewish Ancestry in Ukraine", perhaps there are other sites where various archival documents could be open... Unfortunately, the naming of the files on the different sites varies which makes it difficult to compare and see if the file, for example, on TKF is the same as one on the "Jewish Shtetl", or in Wikidzherela, or...
I wonder if there is anyone besides Alex himself, who knows about all the document scanned and posted? Isn't it time for Jewisgen to get organized, establish a naming convention, and create a database (updatable frequently)?

Ilya Zeldes
North Fort Myers, FL

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