SCHONBERGERs in Nograd #slovakia #hungary

Emma Cole

I'm researching my Schonberger and Weisz family in Nograd, trying to make a link possibly to a Grunbaum family from the region. My great great grandfather was Lipot Schonberger who was married to Betty Braun, 2 daughters were born in Vag Ujhely but one of them (my great grandmother) settled in Balassagyarmat where they brought up their children.

I have been looking through early synagogue books in Balassagyarmat and Vag Ujhely but there aren't many Schonbergers, although there was a Jozsef Schonberger in Balassagyarmat who had a number of children there. I'd love to know if these are related to Lipot. Jozsef's son Fulop was married to Malvin Grunbaum, this could be the connection I'm looking for but I would need to know if Jozsef was related to Lipot, so I would need early 1800 records to find Jozsef. I'm wondering where in Nograd they might have come from, I figure there must be a concentration of the family in one of the towns and I would really appreciate some help in pointing me towards the right books.

Thank you so much for any help. Emma

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