Struggling to find a birth certificate - my own! Silesia 1946 #poland

Nomi Waksberg

My mother was repatriated from the Soviet Union in 1946. (That is documented). She 
registered with the Central Committee of Polish Jews and her address post the war
was Klodzko.
PSA doesn't have any records for my birth in Klodzko.
My mother told me I was born in a convent - near the train station. My dear Polish
friend thought this might be Bardo and they did confirm that many Jewish children were 
born there, but didn't have any information about records.
I realize these times of post war transition were especially traumatic in this region of
Does anyone know if the Jewish Committee in Wroclaw maintained records?
Was there a required procedure by the Catholic Church to document births and
send this information somewhere for civil records?
Thanks in advance for any leads on this.
Nomi Waksberg

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