Janowiec, Poland - researching the CUKIER family #poland

Daniella Alyagon

I am researching the  CUKIER family from Janowiec. 
Using Geneteka I have managed to identify some early 1820's records in church books, however, I am having some problems with the post 1826 records as the JRI-Poland indexation provides very little information and my Polish reading abilities are not sufficient in order to find my way through 236 records identified only by the name of the person without any information on parentage or age.

I was wandering if there is any additional information for Janowiec which is not online.

In addition when looking for early records (c. 1820’s) on JRI-Poland, I have noticed that the index includes solely names without parents.  Is there a full extraction project on going?

Is there a book of residents for Janowiec?

Thank you, 
Daniella Alyagon

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