Looking for FAJWEL / TAJFEL / BEKERKUNST / KNASTER families from Ozorkow / Leczyca / Kutno / Warsaw #poland #general

Dominique MERLET

My grandmother Estera Chana GERSZONOWICZ, born KOSOWSKA had Ludka FAJWEL (03-05-1875 Ozorkow) as her mother. The identity of Ludka's father is not known. Her mother was BEKERKUNST Itta (born around 1842 and died on 08-03-1916 in Ozorkow). Itta apparently had other children whose surname is not FAJWEL, but TAJFEL: TAJFEL Chaim (1885 Ozrokow), TAJFEL Michal Jakub (1886 Ozorkow) and TAJFEL Golda Dworja (1890 Ozorkow). For these other children, the identity of the father is not known either...
The parents of Itta BEKERKUNST were Icek BEKERKUNST and Estera born KNASTER in 1822 and died on 11-02-1902 in Ozorkow. Estera's parents were KNASTER Hersz and Fajga (maiden name unknown). They must have been born in the 1800's. There are many KNASTERs in the town of Kutno (near Ozorkow) and also in the city of Warsaw. But I don't find the common point...
Thanks for your help !

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