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Ellen Garshick

Re Tuchin and Zaslav: The Kremenets (Volin) district Concordance (an index of name/town combinations found in Kremenets-district records) includes 308 entries for Tuchin and 820 for Zaslav. This means that a person in the records is associated with those towns (e.g., as a birthplace or registration town)--they are not records from those towns. Still, you might find a connection: you can search by town and surname at
Ellen Garshick
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Researching BAT, AVERBAKH from Kremenets, Shumsk, Katerburg, and Folvarki, Ukraine; GERSHIK, HURWITCH from Staryye Dorogi and Bobruisk, Belarus; ROTHKOPF (ROTKOP), GOLDBERG from Bialystok, Poland, and Baranivichi and Slonim, Belarus

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