Re: Are these the same person? #galicia #records #names


Are “Chaim” and “Hirsch” the same people? I’ve been down this road before and the only answer is you have to play the odds and the likelihood. First, I’d recommend you get the original records. So far, I’ve never found JRI-Poland translators to be wrong but handwritten records are subject to interpretation and there may be additional information that wasn’t indexed.  The births were recorded one year but the children could have been born in different years. Second, if you can determine if there was another husband to go with that particular mother it would be helpful. Did she marry twice? I realize records may not exist to answer that question. Was there a Chaim AND a Hirsch or is this a clerical error. Again, maybe no records to resolve that question. Third, how large was this town? If it was a smaller community, that’s where you play the odds. Chaim and Hirsch are common names but Sime less so. I’ve found names being recorded incorrectly, people being born after the mother’s death, and births recorded twice in the same year with different birthdates in my research!  Sometimes there is no definitive answer but I’ve ruled out other possibilities in order to make my decision. I’ve put people on my tree with explanations when I’ve come across the puzzling situations. Good luck!

Sharon Fleitman
Atlanta, Georgia 

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