Re: Records for Aliens Held for Special Inquiry - 305-Cert #usa #general


It looks to me that Abraham was held as a LPC (likely to become a public charge) based on a medical certificate issued by one of the medical examiners.

The "305" is most likely the time he was referred for a BSI hearing and recorded on the BSI list.  Times are important because an excluded immigrant will have 48 hours to appeal the mere fact of their referral, so the clock began ticking at 3:05 that day and one expects his first hearing to occur within 48 hours of that time.  His first hearing was on the 19th, the second the 21st, and the third on the 27th.  It appears he was finally admitted at 3:40 that afternoon.  One usually sees the times noted at the right of the same column, but in this case they were typed in right after the cause of exclusion (in his case, LPC).

It is possible the time he was held was used by his friends or family to overcome the exclusion, maybe by posting bond.  Unfortunately I find no indication of any correspondence with Washington, DC, on the matter.  As a result no other records of the time/event survive (to my knowledge).

Marian Smith

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