Re: Need help, please, dating a Warsaw and a Liverpool studio photo of my great-grandmother #poland #unitedkingdom #photographs

Michele Lock

There is a facebook group called 'Genealogy - Dating old photographs' that you could post your photographs on. They will be able to pinpoint what decade these photos are likely from, based on the style of clothing, hair, jewelry, posing in the photos, flower arrangements, and the like. Particularly the second photo, with the dress having such a distinctive collar. 

My guesstimate is that these photos were taken within 10 years of each other, because the woman does not look considerably older in the second, and her hairstyle is very similar. She is also alone in the photos - I believe that if a woman was married/engaged, she'd more likely be photographed with the man in her life, and her children, particularly since these were formal photos done in a studio. But that's just my opinion. 

I have a photo of a great aunt, taken in 1909 in the US when she was first engaged, and her dress is very similar to that worn by the woman in your photos. However, her hairstyle is very different, and she is looking directly into camera. Little details that can make a difference. 

Best of luck with this.

Michele Lock
Alexandria, VA

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