Looking for Judka Szmurkiewicz #poland #latinamerica


Hello everyone,


I am searching for informations about the second part of my grand uncle Judka Szmurkiewicz’s life in South America. He was born in Zelechow (Poland) in 1892, he was a famous thief in Poland in the 20’ & 30’, escaped from jail but also from the Nazis, as I discovered on Family Search his immigration card in Sao Paulo, 12 /27/1940. My questions are: did he stay in Brazil, have a family there (he came without his wife),  pursue the same « career », when did he die…? Tank you in advance for any suggestion.

Sandra Dab (Paris)

Researching Dab/Domb & Szmurkiewicz/Szmulkiewicz (Zelechow & Lukow); Mucha & Szytovicz (Warsaw)


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