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Arlene Beare


Just an extra bit of information. We are very busy transcribing data from the Passport Issuance Books for Latvia  and the Internal Passports that were handed in to the Riga Police.  I transcribed  the Passport Issuance Books for Jekabpils and they are now in the Jewishgen Latvia Database.Others are transcribing Issuance Books for other places in Latvia.I am now transcribing the Passports handed in to the Riga Police  for the subset Jekabpils.  Internal passports were necessary for all citizens in the Russian Empire not only Jews.   The passports have been imaged by Family Search  and are an extremely valuable resource.  When these  database are in the Jewishgen Latvia Database it will be  wonderful for researchers to have photos of their Ancestors.  Although I am dealing with the subset for Jekabpils it is really a database for the whole of Latvia because there is information on where they were born,where they are living now and what they regard as their permanent address.  This is a Jekabpils subset because they were either born in or were living in Jekabpils. Our ancestors may have said they came from a particular shtetl or Town when in fact  they were born somewhere else  or lived somewhere else. They often paid taxes in their place of origin even though they were living somewhere else. Our Leader in the Research Division is Paul Cheifitz and he has organised volunteers who are transcribing them for other subsets such as Rezekne etc.  We will welcome any volunteers who want to do this valuable work.  Volunteers can contact Paul at
The Latvia Research Division formerly LatviaSIG  will have a Zoom Meeting on the 6th of December and we will give details nearer the time. This will be an ideal time for people to ask questions from the 3 of us -that is Paul, myself and Marion Werle.

Arlene Beare
Co-Director Latvia Research Division

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