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Ilya Zeldes


my comments were directed to Gary Pokrass who told me that the Ukrainian SIG is working on organizing Alex K's files. But I'd like to answer your concerns.

"the files often have multiple years, so I'd suggest avoiding that as the first part of the name"
                 I see no major problem here. Why "1832 - 1897" could not be used after the entry "1831"? Placing it here will anchor it to the early part of the file. In addition, all the multi-years files could be gathered in a separate group. Placing the year, in the beginning, will organize all files chronologically, which is very helpful in searches.

"Why should all the files be renamed? "
                Are these two files the same or they are two different files: Архіви/ДАКО/280/174/1488  and 1831_год._Списки_лиц_умерших_от_эпидемии_холеры_по_Богуславскому_уезду.pdf  Until they renamed uniformly it's hard to find out.

"that file you are talking about can be found at both"
            More than twice... For example, it is also at 

"And more importantly, where is this list of files you want supposed to be? On Wikipedia? (in which case you can do it, anybody can contribute) On JewishGen?"
              It is my understanding that Gary is doing it within JewishGen. Moreover, I may add that we select only Jewish files for organizing.

"If it's on the JewishGen site, it has to be in some sort of database form that is dynamic to reflect the constant updates, all that is to be discussed with the folks there, but I wanted to reply to your mail."
             I agree with you completely. That what I was doing when I discussed this with Gary...

Warm regards,

Ilya Zeldes

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