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 Ten Million Brand New Records Now Online! 

Reclaim the Records is super-proud to announce the long-awaited publication of the Missouri Birth Index (1920-2015) and the Missouri Death Index (1968-2015)! Over ten million records, totally free to search or download, no subscriptions or paywalls or copyrights. Public records, finally returned to the public!

These records are now online following our successful four-year-long Missouri Sunshine Law court case against the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

You can read much more about these records, and the incredible story about how we won them, in our latest newsletter issue, here:

But if you want to just see the data right away, check out these two brand new websites we built for them:

As you'll see in our newsletter, we also have another, smaller Missouri Sunshine Law request pending right now, for the 1910-1920 and 2016-2019 birth data, as well as the 2016-2019 death data. We'll add that information to these websites when we get it, which hopefully won't take another four years.
Now, this index data just has the given name, the middle name (or initial), the surname, and the exact date. It doesn't contain any other data fields like a person's parents' names or their spouse's name or a location. But by using this basic index data, you can hopefully get some clues about some missing branches of your family, and then you can go request the original birth certificate or death certificate from the state, if you meet the qualifications to receive a copy. And these new websites also have information about how you can make your certificate requests.

Our sincere thanks go to our Missouri Sunshine Law attorneys Bernie Rhodes and Taryn Nash at Lathrop Gage (now Lathrop GPM) in Kansas City, Missouri, for their excellent and careful work on this case.

And if you'd like to make a donation to help us keep reclaiming these types of important records from naughty government agencies, we sure wouldn't say no. We're a non-profit and we do this kind of work because it needs to be done. Your support is very much appreciated!

Happy searching! 
- Brooke Schreier Ganz
Mill Valley, California
President and Founder, Reclaim The Records

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