Re: University of Oxford senior candidate exam - please explain #unitedkingdom #general


I don't know if you're interested in reading (or skimming) a 65 pager from Oxford on the senior candidate exam, but here's a link:

The most relevant bit, I think, is:
SENIOR EXAMINATION 1858-1922 The Senior examination was originally for boys under the age of 18; in 1867, girls were allowed to sit the examination for the first time. In 1888, the age limit was removed. To pass the Senior examination it was necessary to pass a preliminary examination for which a certificate was not awarded. Successful candidates in the Senior examination were entitled to be called an ‘Oxford Associate in Arts’; this title is mentioned in the first regulations and Annual Report, 1858 (see also the volume by TD Acland, 1858, LE 171). Senior Examination results can be found in LE 93. (pg 3)

Tina Isaacs

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