Looking for living relatives of Judel EPPEL from Riga (Latvia) #latvia

luciana gandelman

Dear Genners,
I am doing research on the Eppel family from Riga (Latvia). They were originally from Lithuania and had a permit to live in Riga between 1870 and WWII.
I am trying to locate living relatives of two brothers who were my great-grandfather's nephews so I can understand what happened to this side of the family. 
They were sons of: Israel-David EPPEL and Haja EPPEL
1) Judel EPPEL, born in Riga on October 11 of 1923. He died in Riga in 1984.
2) Leiser EPPEL, born in Riga on February 16 of 1921. He supposed migrated to Venezuela probably after WWII.
I would also appreciate any information about them and what happened to them between WWI and WWII.
Thank you in advance
best regards
Luciana Gandelman
EPPEL family - Riga (Latvia) and Laukuva (Lithuania)
ABRAMOWITSCH family - Riga (Latvia) and Anyksciai (Lithuania) 
GANDELMAN family - Trinca (Bessarabia)
Luciana Gandelman DHIST-ICHS Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro - UFRRJ

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