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Hallo Larry

Please see the link below re: the history of school examinations:

 I refer you to para. 1 of the above which indicates
'' The first regular examinations under examination boards took place for boys only in 1858 as a result of schools approaching Oxford and Cambridge universities for local means of assessment. Girls did not take school exams until 1867 monitored by Cambridge, and Oxford started from 1870.''

Rebecca born 1852 and based on the above I believe she could have sat the Oxford Local Assessment in or around 1870 when she was aged under 18 years and a schoolgirl.  

The reverse of the Certificate (if you have the original) should show all the subjects which the girls took then - see paragraph 4 of the attached link.  

Two thoughts come to my mind:
1.  I infer that her parents/carers were mindful of her obvious academic abilities and were willing to support and encourage Rebecca in her education post 16.  How wonderful.  Did Rebecca progress to university?

2.  Rebecca's certificate and the signposted link together form a social and educational history which highlight inter alia:  
- the development of the UK education system; 
- higher education for women;
- class system (still prevalent even today); and 
- the history of those times in terms of the academic subjects required for entry to university.

Also we must note that, since medieval times,  Oxford Uni has been linked with the Church.  

I trust this is helpful for  you.  

Malka Flekier
London, UK

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