Re: Need help, please, dating a Warsaw and a Liverpool studio photo of my great-grandmother #poland #unitedkingdom #photographs

Michele Lock

Now that I am taking another look at the photos, I notice in the second one that the sleeves are the style known as 'leg of mutton', which became popular in the 1890s. The fabric also looks to be seersucker, though an expert would be able to tell for sure.

In the first photo, the sleeves are 3/4 length (several inches above the wrist), but I don't know when these came into fashion, or went out of fashion, just as important. And she's holding a fan, which strikes me as being from a time earlier than the 1890s [To me, it just screams 'Civil War' and 'Gone with the Wind', but then the woman would be wearing a hoop skirt].

I also have thought that these might be two different women. The women look similar in terms of their lips/nose/eye color, but the first one is somewhat heavier, and has a slightly different look. I've thought that they might be sisters, but it is possible that they are mother and daughter, especially if the first photo is dated to the 1870s or so. 

If you really want an expert opinion, there is a person who runs a business called 'Sherlock Cohn' who specializes in dating photographs, particularly of Jewish families. It appears there is a fee for her to do this, but apparently she is very thorough.

Michele Lock
Alexandria, VA

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