son of Jeno WEISZ and Malvina PANETH, born after 1937 in Budapest #hungary

Emma Cole

My father's first cousin Jeno Weisz (born 1908, Budapest) married Malvina Paneth (born 1913) and I have just discovered that they had a son. The son I believe emigrated to Israel around 1956 but came back around 1960. I don't know if he changed his family name. How can I look in the Budapest birth records for 1938 onwards (they don't seem to go this far), probably district 7 or 8, or how can I trace him entering Israel/coming back to Hungary. I would deeply appreciate any help. I have been looking for surviving branches of the family for the past 4 years or so. It is quite a breakthrough to find that Jeno had a child so I would really love to find him. Huge thanks. Emma Cole

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