Looking for Vselyub Cemetery, Michael Lozman, David Rosen #belarus


The Jewish cemetery in Vselyub (Wsielub, near Nowogrudek, cemetery ID: BEL-03452), along with the synagogue, still stands.  In 2006, US Catholic students paid their own way to Belarus and did a wonderful mitzvah...they restored the cemetery and made rubbings of the headstones.  On behalf of two and possibly three families whose ancestors rest in that cemetery, I am trying to contact whomever has the headstone rubbings and photographs.  Vselyub does not have a Kehila website.  However, there is reference on JGen that Michael Lozman and David Rosen have some of the cemetery records.  Does anyone know how to reach these researchers? 

Chag Sameach.

Ken Domeshek
Damesek, Braverman, Kartorzynski, Sinienski

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