Re: Weinbergers from Kisvarda #hungary


Hi Jutka                                                  4th October 2020

I wonder if you are interested@

I attended the Anna Frank Ginazium in Budapets--

Volt iskolatarsain: Vadasz Jutka  --jelenleg Amerikaban el es
Weinberger Mari from Kisvarda it el Londonban
En Erettsegiztem 1968

I wonder, if you wish I can contact   Vadsz Jutka -n the USA  

I am in regular contact with Mari Weinberger  from Kisvarda--if I am not mistaken Mari's father was a Kosher Butcher in Kisvarda

Wishing a Mazeldike, Healthy Happy Sweet New Year to All

Veronika Pachtinger
London UK>

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