Find immigration manifest and naturalization papers? #records #usa

David Brostoff

I found an index record for "Brostoff, Jankel or Jacob" in "Texas, El Paso Alien Arrivals, 1924-1952" on Family Search, which I am attaching to this message.
A search for his last name in "Texas, El Paso Manifests of Arrivals at the Port of El Paso, 1905-1927" results in no matches.
Several questions:
Does this mean there is no manifest?
I know from other sources that he was born in 1902. Does "ar. 4-6-21" on the index card mean that was the date he entered the U.S.?
What does "leg. 6-13-30" mean?
I have also found an index record on Family Search that he was naturalized in 1933 in Princeton, Ill.
Where can I search for his naturalization papers?
Thank you,
David Brostoff

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