Re: Adoption Lwow, Poland #poland #dna #galicia


Dear Yehuda,
Thank you for your reply to my query. I have searched for baptismal records in a number of places with no success; USC said that both their RC and Jewish records show books are incomplete. Have you any suggestions of where I might try?
Adoption is just one hypothesis that I'm exploring. There was a lot of ethnic ill feeling before 1925 when my mum was born, including the 1918 Lwow pogrom. From what I have learnt of my grandfather adopting a child would have been in character for him. 
Conversion could be another explanation. Which is why I'm hunting for the 'Conversion to Judaism' records. As my mother was brought up RC it may be more likely that the conversion took place before her birth.
Noreen Thorne, England (Szczepanski, Mrozowska)

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