Looking for Linder and Spiwak from Poland and UK #poland #unitedkingdom

Liz James

I am looking for any descendants of families LINDNER and SPIWAK . All originally from Poland, and some found in Buones Aires, Belgium and England.

- Any descendants of Ingram Joseph LINDNER  - Poland

- Any descendants of Henry  (Jechezkiel) SPIWAK  - Poland

-  Whether John LINDNER in London was in fact originally Jacob LINDNER.

- And finally a  "master LINDNER" in London who was born in 1915 and had a Bar Mitzvah in 1928.

   There were apparently people in the family who moved to Cambridge, one of whom may have been called Murray LINDNER


Hopefully someone can help me find these descendants.

Liz James

AJGS Vic. Australia


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