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Gary Pokrassa

First - are you sure you have the right town - there are two towns with similar names - the JG town page for the town you refer to has the warning:Not to be confused with Ladyzhinka, Kiev district, 14 miles S of Uman]
There are several revision lists for the other town in Uman district

The town you specify is in the Gaysin district in Vinnitsia / Poldolia.  

There are numerous revision lists and metric records for this area listed under Gaysinskiy county / Haisin district in Alex K's wikis.   If you use Chrome and go to his main wiki page at.

go to the top and find the index and click on 7.4 it will take you to the area where you can browse through the records

there are two revision lists which have town details specifically mentioning Ladyzyn F. 226. Op. 80. Ref. 1173 on p1651; and F. 226. Op. 80. Ref. 1174 on page 785 and 1092

I am not giving the separate links since they are all in the same section accessed per above

Hope this helps
Gary Pokrassa
Data Acquisition Director
Ukraine Research Division

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