Re: Find immigration manifest and naturalization papers for Jake Brostoff? #usa #records

The Becker's Email

The 1930 census for Princeton, IL for Jake Brostoff gives his year of immigration as 1921.  So, I believe the "ar. 4-6-21" on the index card is his date of arrival. The 1930 census records his citizenship status as  "Pa", meaning first papers.  Although the census was taken in April, 1930 possibly the "leg. 6-13-30" has to do w/ his declaration.
The naturalization index card (Ancestry:  Illinois, Federal Naturalization Records, 1840-1991) has that he was naturalized in the "Cir. Bureau Co. Princeton, IL".   That is the Circuit Court for Bureau County, IL.  The index has a vol/page number of P-759 and a naturalization date of Jan. 4, 1933.  I would suggest contacting the Clerk of the Circuit Court and give them the info you have and ask how to obtain a copy of the naturalization papers. It is possible the records have been transferred to the National Archives in Chicago.
Johanna Becker
Newport, RI

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