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David Oseas


I'm not familiar with the El Paso manifests.  However, it is curious that his arrival in 1921 was indexed in a collection that supposedly starts in 1924.  Also, a note within the introductory material of the collection states that the manifests may be filed "days, weeks or even months" after the true arrival date.  Complicating the issue, some manifests were given new numbers, which are not always indicated on the index cards.  Perhaps Marian can give you further advice on how to locate the manifest.  However, in examining the manifest cards, there isn't a lot of information contained on them; you can probably obtain the same info from other sources, such as the naturalization record.

Speaking of the naturalization, Princeton, Illinois is in Bureau County.  Fortunately, the naturalization records for Bureau County for that time period are available on FamilySearch.  I was able to find Jacob's documents, starting with Certificate of Arrival here:

David Oseas

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