Finding Leibe HOCHSTEIN-LIPSHUTZ father #germany #usa

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Liebe HOCHSTEIN-LIPSHUTZ  b. 11 May 1933 (SSDI) arrived NY on 28 Mar. 1934 on the ship Champlain out of Le Havre.  She was 10 months old, born  Berlin and written on the manifest is "adopted".  Bringing her to the US were her new mother Lena LIPSHUTZ age 40 and her new sister Anne age 20.  Lena LIPSHUTZ was actually Leibe's aunt and Anne her cousin. The family story is that Leibe's mother also named Leibe, died in childbirth and Lena, Leibe's sister, ( and her husband) adopted the infant.  LIttle Leibe's mother was Leibe SANZEL (SCHINSEL and many other variations)  who, according to the family story, married an unknown postal service worker in Germany.  I am guessing that the man's surname was HOCHSTEIN since baby Liebe had a hyphenated surname on the manifest and there are no HOCHSTEIN's in the family tree.  The SANZEL's were from LIthuania, Kovno province, likely Saukenai.  Lieba LIIPSHUTZ ZAX died 21 April 1984 in Miami, FL.

Where might I find information on Liebe's biological father?  I'm assuming her marriage license and her Soc. Sec. app. may just have her adopted parents listed.  

Johanna Becker
Newport, RI

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