Re: Looking for Vselyub Cemetery #belarus


Dear Mr Domeshek,

I am familiar with the cemetery in Vselyub.  Its restoration was organised in Belarus on behalf of Siena College by the East European Jewish Heritage Project  of which I am Director.  Mr Lozman acted as a liaison between ourselves and Siena.  Ralph Blasting, Dean of Students at Siena College, now retired, was in charge of the project and dealt with the financing and most of the Stateside organisational details.  I will send you his contact details privately as well as that as of another Siena College faculty participant.  While some headstone rubbings were made I do not believe that all headstones were so processed nor was the cemetery indexed.  Unfortunately the cemetery is now in disrepair owing to lack of funds for its maintenance.  Please feel free to email me if you have any further questions.
Best regards,
Frank Swartz

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