Looking for family of Tsoglin from Chernigov and Semenovka #ukraine

earl zeitlin

I am contacting you whether anyone has any information regarding the family name Tsoglin. My paternal grandfather Isadore Zeitlin born in 1889 was Israel Tsoglin in Russia (now Ukraine). He lived in Semenovka NE of Chernigov, then later Chernigov. His Hebrew name was Yisroel Yeshiah ben Shlomo Chaim). He came to the US in 1911 settling in Chicago. His father was Shlomo Chaim ben Zvi Hersh. His mother was Henya Surkin. His wife was Chana Resnick of Svencionys, Lithuania. The family was in the leather hide business. Any information would be appreciated. I previously prepared a letter in Russian sent to the archives in Chernigov but had no response.
Earl Zeitlin; Monsey, NY 

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