Researching Family in Cardiff #unitedkingdom


Recently Mr Kaplan requested information about family from Cardiff. I have managed to get a lot of information from the shul in Cardiff. Please see the email below.

Dear Mr Kaplan,
I received an enquiry from Lorraine Silver and Norma Levison on 5th Oct re Levy / Levine family history in Cardiff.
I should first mention that both the cemeteries of Cardiff United Synagogue are viewable on line with pictures of each grave and a full listing.
Go to      (cut and paste)     
Scroll down, Enter a first letter  of the person you seek,  and then below it comes all the people who are buried  there whose name begins with that letter.
There is a Minnie Levine, wife of Barnett Levine listed with a picture of the memorial stone at Highfields Rd.
There is a Reuben Levine also in Highfield Rd cemetery also with a picture of the memorial stone. He died March 12th 1951.
Golda Levine is also buried in the same place. She died 22/9/1967.Looks like she didnt marry.. The stone is very clear. to read.
There is a Lena Levine in Ely cemetery. She died 10/12/1977. She was 88yrs old, and the daughter of Rev H. Hamburg ( of Cardiff) so
probably no connection.
There is a Minnie Levy in Ely cemetery  who died 20/11/2004 aged 91 yrs. Again a clear gravestone but probably not your family.
There is also a Maurice Levy ( of Bristol ) who died 30.1.1921, but I suspect this is not your he was 66 yrs old. Gravestone is viewable
on enlargement.
There is also a Annie Levi in Highfield Rd but she died in 1949
Please peruse the cemetery websites as they are easy to use and f.o.c.
I have checked Cardiff Jewish marriages on CD Rom from 1851-1912 and none of the people you mention appears. After 1912, the ledgers are available for manual checking but I do not have access to the shul at present.
I could do this for you but perhaps Neil  or Rochelle Schwartz would be prepared to do this for you after simchas torah ? 
As you write, Annie Savitcky married in June FreeBMD she is down twice on the same date as Anie and Annie!
You can get a copy certificate in due course. 
My only other thought about the Levine family is 1) they left Cardiff or 2) left Judaism or 3) moved to other Welsh Jewish centres.
I have Newport, Swansea and Merthyr Tydfil records if needed.
Cardiff Reform shul didn't open til 1940s or 1950s but I have their burial records too
I hope some of this helps.
Kind regards
Tony Blasebalk
Cardiff United Synagogue Burial Board. 

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