Re: Looking for Vselyub Cemetery #belarus


To everyone who has replied here and to me privately...THANK YOU!  The research community is amazing.  In such a short time, valuable help has come from a half dozen people in Israel, Belarus, and the US.  Here is a progress update.  There is reliable information from a descendant that over 100 families were in this shtetl before the war.  As referenced above, cemetery restoration was done in 2006.  A panoramic photograph has been found that shows about 50 headstones from that restoration.  However, there is also evidence that more stones exist, but were not set upright or read/rubbed.  An archive of photographs from the restoration has been located and will be scoured for clues.  A photograph of one headstone rubbing is in the archive.  It was for Bryna/Braina, daughter of Shlomo, wife of rabbi Yaakov Libowicz.  JGen researchers from this area, who have searched for Libowicz, have been emailed.  A list containing Jewish names on 55 stones has been found.  Two of the names were immediately recognized as belonging to a survivor family.  This family was part of the early nucleus of Bielski Partisans.  From a memoir that this family published, one of the names in this cemetery now has a face and a final resting place.

Shalom.  Ken Domeshek.  Houston


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