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rv Kaplan

Thanks everyone.  I have been in touch with Tony Blasebalk today about all this, but to summarise:

Although I've been researching this family for many years, my recent enquiry was because I had just looked at the Cardiff cemeteries databases online and spotted the grave of Reuben Levine (previously Levy) in Cardiff from 1951.  His first wife Minnie was my great-grandmother's sister and they were married in Glasgow in 1892.  Minnie died in Cardiff in January 1910.  Don't know where she is buried (as Levine or Levy).  

The Jewish Chronicle in 1951 carries a death announcement for Reuben and mentions his then wife Annie and a list of children (of both his marriages).  Tony has put me in touch with what I hope is a descendant of this couple.

Reuben was sufficiently part of the Jewish community in 1951 for him to have been described on his tombstone as 'Hechovor,' which doesn't sound like a man who is estranged from religious observance.  Also, his Hebrew name is 'ben Chaim' and his 1892 civil marriage certificate lists him as son of Hyman Levy - all tallies.

I did wonder whether anyone today remembers old Mr Levine (he was 89 when he died) shuffling into shul in his later years and the fact that he had a blind daughter from his first marriage.  His daughter Rachel Levy/Levine married out of the faith in 1936, but did not die until 1962, so again, someone may remember her.

Harvey Kaplan
Glasgow, Scotland

On Tue, 6 Oct 2020 at 17:28, lorraine71uk via <> wrote:
Recently Mr Kaplan requested information about family from Cardiff. I have managed to get a lot of information from the shul in Cardiff. Please see the email below.

Dear Mr Kaplan,
I received an enquiry from Lorraine Silver and Norma Levison on 5th Oct re Levy / Levine family history in Cardiff.
I should first mention that both the cemeteries of Cardiff United Synagogue are viewable on line with pictures of each grave and a full listing.
Go to      (cut and paste)     
Scroll down, Enter a first letter  of the person you seek,  and then below it comes all the people who are buried  there whose name begins with that letter.
There is a Minnie Levine, wife of Barnett Levine listed with a picture of the memorial stone at Highfields Rd.
There is a Reuben Levine also in Highfield Rd cemetery also with a picture of the memorial stone. He died March 12th 1951.
Golda Levine is also buried in the same place. She died 22/9/1967.Looks like she didnt marry.. The stone is very clear. to read.
There is a Lena Levine in Ely cemetery. She died 10/12/1977. She was 88yrs old, and the daughter of Rev H. Hamburg ( of Cardiff) so
probably no connection.
There is a Minnie Levy in Ely cemetery  who died 20/11/2004 aged 91 yrs. Again a clear gravestone but probably not your family.
There is also a Maurice Levy ( of Bristol ) who died 30.1.1921, but I suspect this is not your he was 66 yrs old. Gravestone is viewable
on enlargement.
There is also a Annie Levi in Highfield Rd but she died in 1949
Please peruse the cemetery websites as they are easy to use and f.o.c.
I have checked Cardiff Jewish marriages on CD Rom from 1851-1912 and none of the people you mention appears. After 1912, the ledgers are available for manual checking but I do not have access to the shul at present.
I could do this for you but perhaps Neil  or Rochelle Schwartz would be prepared to do this for you after simchas torah ? 
As you write, Annie Savitcky married in June FreeBMD she is down twice on the same date as Anie and Annie!
You can get a copy certificate in due course. 
My only other thought about the Levine family is 1) they left Cardiff or 2) left Judaism or 3) moved to other Welsh Jewish centres.
I have Newport, Swansea and Merthyr Tydfil records if needed.
Cardiff Reform shul didn't open til 1940s or 1950s but I have their burial records too
I hope some of this helps.
Kind regards
Tony Blasebalk
Cardiff United Synagogue Burial Board. 

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