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Michael Herzlich

Over the past months I have submitted to ViewMate many photos with inscriptions for translation.  Several of the photos were of Zionist youth groups and include  names of members emigrating to Israel (in one case to Brazil).  The photos are from Lithuania, dated 1932, 1933, 1934.  Below is a list of names mentioned on the outside chance someone recognizes a name and wishes a copy of a photo for personal use.  You can find the photos on ViewMate as indicated by each inscription.

VM 82624
Meretch Sirkin society upon the leave of friend Y. Segal to Israel and friend M. Gendel to Brazil.
Purim 5692 (March 22 1932)

VM 83075
The "Hashomer Hatzair" nest in Meretch (Merkine) To the emigration of Zusia and Yitzchok to Israel
3rd of Teves 5693, 1 January 1933

VM 83217
The graduates platoon of the "Hashomer Hatzair" in Meretch (Merkine)
Upon the emigration of the members Tz. Shefer, Y. L. Zambrovsky, Dr. Elprin, and Rubinsky Y. to Israel.
Meretch (Merkine) 28 Adar 5693 Mar. 26 1933

The "Chalutz" branch in Meretch (Merkine)
To the emigration of the members :
G. Kribrotshkit, B. Smolnik, V. Rabin to Israel
2nd of Cheshven 5694
22 October 1933

This next photo was translated privately.  I can post to ViewMate if requested.
the picture of the group was taken according to the Hebrew calendar on September, 1934. this is a goodbye picture to a friend ITA RAIZNER איטה רייזנר who goes to live in ISRAEL/

Michael Herzlich
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