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Paul & everyone else -- that Boris Finkelstein file has lists of Jewish names for various "cases" (each book is a case) in the fond 384 opus 15. The names are divided by case, which is the 3-81 you see (1st page shows names in case 3-5 for instance). Some of these index files have page numbers, this one unfortunately does not.

If you see the name you want listed by BF under 3, you have to go to the file atАрхіви/ДАКО/384/15/3 then look through that PDF for the name.

Hope this helps!
Juliana Berland

On 10/7/2020 17:24, Paul Chirlin wrote:
On the Ukrainian archive material recently discussed I worked my way to the Berdychev 1897 census page

Just above the table of material is this clickable line: A poarkusnyy pointer of Jewish surnames. Cases 3-81. Author Boris Finkelstein
which opens a page with a listing of all the names appearing on pages 3 to 81 of something but I cannot figure out the material from which it was extracted.  As Chazen appears several times on the listing I'd love to find the original file that was used.  

Paul Chirlin

Juliana Berland (France)

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