Looking for descendants of the siblings of Nathan MOSKOWITZ, originally from Uzlyany, Belarus (near Minsk) #belarus #ukraine #canada

alan moskowitz

My grandfather Nathan (Nuchim) MOSKOWITZ (1887 - 1927) was believed to have several siblings which remain unknown to me.  His parents were Isidore (Itzchak) MOSKOWITZ (possibly  a Rabbi), and Nettie (Nechame, Neecha) HOROWITZ who may have died in childbirth in 1887.  They were from Uzlyany, near Minsk, in what is present day Belarus.   Nathan married my grandmother, Ida (Chaya) BACKRACK between 1905 and 1908 possibly in Uzlyany or in Priluki which is located in present day Ukraine.   Ida was from Lokhvysta, Ukraine, [birthdate possibly May 12 1889 or April 12 1892] but also lived in Priluki, which is where her parents Louis (Leib) BACKRACK and Pearl (Perel) SMOLOWITZ (or SAMOLOVICH) had most recently lived.   

After emigrating separately to NYC in 1911 along with 2 children, Nathan and Ida had 5 more children.  They also may have lived in Canada for a period of time.  Nathan may have had a sister Ida GOLDBERG and/or Zelda HUFFMAN in Toronto.  He was an auctioneer and also rumored to be a bootlegger, made multiple trips to Canada, and was considered to be the 'black sheep' of the family.  Nathan died in 1927 in New York City of tuberculosis.

If this story seems to fit with your family, please let me know.  I am also most interested in determining the marriage and birthdates of Ida and Nathan as I have been unable to locate these.

Thanks for any assistance.
Alan Moskowitz
New Jersey
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