Ukraine and Belarus births and marriages - what is best approach to find records? #ukraine #belarus

alan moskowitz

I have just started searching for information on my grandparents and have not found anything on the JewishGen site.  My grandmother Ida (Chaya) BACKRACK was probably born in Lokhvytsya, Poltava, Ukraine in 1889 or in 1892, depending upon which document is believed.   Her brother, Isidore (Eisel or Yossel) was also born there around 1891.  Their sister Celia (Tsipe or Cipe) was likely born in Pryuki, Ukraine around 1893.  Parents Louis (Leib) BACKRACK and Pearl (Perel) SMOLOWITZ (or more likely SAMOLOVICH) were born in 1855 and 1861, respectively, and lived in Pryluki. 

Ida probably got married in either of those 2 cities, or possibly where her husband Nathan (Nuchim or Noocham) Moskowitz lived, in Uzlyany, (near Minsk), Belarus, between 1905 and 1908.

I would be thrilled to find birth or marriage records.   No one in the family knows their marriage date.  How should I begin this search? 

Alan Moskowitz
New Jersey

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