Descendants of Benjamin Isaac of Niederzissen #germany

Ralph Baer

My 4th-great-grandmother, Elisabeth BECKER (called Leids, Leitz, or Leize Benjamin before 1808), was born on 6 April 1776 in Niederzissen (Landkreis Ahrweiler, Rheinland-Pfalz) and died there on 10 June 1852, She married in 1788 Hermann FEIT (Heymann Faist before 1808). He was born on 26 April 1765 in Niederzissen and died there on 21 May 1845.
I am fairly certain that Elisabeth’s father was Benjamin Isaac who died in 1788 in Niederzissen. Niederzissen had a very small Jewish population, and there was no other Benjamin, and since Hermann and Elisabeth married the same year that Benjamin Isaac died, Hermann likely replaced his father-in-law as a legal community member. Furthermore Hermann and Elisabeth had sons with both of the names Benjamin and Isaac. I know very little else about Benjamin Isaac and am interested in finding out if perhaps he had children who lived elsewhere. He did have two children who died, apparently young, in 1781 and 1786 in Niederzissen. Other children would not necessarily have used the name BECKER. The first mention of Benjamin Isaac which I have seen is from 1771 when he was sued.
Does anyone know of any children or possible children of Benjamin Isaac of Niederzissen elsewhere? Also, I am interested in determining Elisabeth's mother's name.
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