Looking for the origins of my family #general


I have hit a brick wall looking for the origins of my family and would appreciate some suggestions.
My paternal great grandparents are Joseph and Kate Slootsky. According to the census, they arrived here in 1892, as a married couple. All nine of their children were born in the USA. The oldest two in New Haven, Connecticut the rest in Bayonne, Jersey City and Passaic, New Jersey. Some documents I’ve located have my great grandmother’s first name as Kate, others as Gussie. Her maiden name on birth records and marriage records of her children appears as variations of the same name, Valodarsky, Wollokosky, Valador, Volodarska, Vlador, and Valudet, which of course confuses the issue.
I have tried using various spellings of the name Slootsky (but have been unsuccessful) in finding them entering any port in the USA. I understand the records from Castle Gardens for that year were lost in a fire, therefore, they may have entered there. Unfortunately, I don't know where the family originated from.
After settling here in the USA, most of Joseph Slootsky’s cousins changed the spelling of their name to Slutsky or they changed their name to Slade. In later years, some of Joseph’s own sons changed their name to Slade. Joseph died in 1927 and is buried in Baron Hirsch Cemetery in Staten Island. Kate committed suicide in 1933 but I don’t know where she is buried.
Oddly, my branch of the Slootsky family plus 2 other Slootsky families all lived down the street from one another in Bayonne, New Jersey at the same time. The 3rd Slootsky family left Bayonne and moved to Cape May, New Jersey but I’ve never been able to figure out how these other families are connected to our family. 
I also discovered a second Joseph Slootsky. He left the East coast moved to Utah then to the state of Washington, however, I have never found a connection with him and my Slootsky family.
The only clue I have to where Joseph and Kate may have immigrated from is that a cousin, Louis Slootsky, (and I’m still not exactly sure how they are our cousins) came from Elizabetgrad, Kiev, Russia. Louis’s wife, Sahre Archangelouskaya came from Archangel, Arctic Circle, Russia. I understand that Louis and Sahre were uncle and niece as well as husband and wife.
If anyone has any suggestions for me I’d appreciate hearing them.
Davya (née Slootsky) Cohen

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